I Hate Dogs

Actually, i dont hate dogs. They cant help it.

And I was attached to my dog when i was a kid.

I’m just annoyed by dog people.

You know, using the dogs as a kid substitute.

In fact where i live there are more dogs than kids. People round here have Birthday parties for their dogs, take them to therapists, knit sweaters for them, etc.

The recent immigrants i work with are appalled that someone  would allow a smelly animal in the house to shed

and even sleep in the bed with it’s ” parent”.

I find the “showing” of dogs to be kind of weird and perverse, also.

The thing is, people invented dogs. Through a combination of active breeding and co- evolving dogs went from wolfs

to the confused  creatures they are today.  People have selected and rewarded dogs that have childlike qualities.

Mimic a human child- get a piece of meat.

So what’s wrong with that?

Nothing, I suppose. It’s just that I find the belief that the dog ” loves” you and is part of your ” family” delusional.

If you go away for a day and i control  Fido’s food and establish alpha status,

he will “love” me just as much.

I find the simplistic fawning dog behavior  that people mistake for “love” kind of insipid.

Also. if you don’t mind, i’ll pass on the face licking from an animal that just ate some of its own feces.

I hate to say this, but i find the people who need to ” rescue” dogs kind of sad.

Although wolfs may be endangered,  there are plenty of dogs on the planet thanks to humans.

They are not going anywhere soon. They dont need to be “rescued”.

In fact there are probably too many of them.

There is nothing more  precious about them than other life forms on this planet.

Or course  I can say the same about humans, for that matter

. We have been entirely too successful as a species to the detriment of the planet.

Why don’t you rescue bees? Apparantly they play a huge role in our world and they are dissapearing.

Oh, i forgot, they are not cuddly  mammals. we can anthro project onto.

I read that if a meeting has reached an impasse and ground to a halt, just mention the word :dogs”

and people will instantly line up into two passionate and opposing camps.

Dogs are kind of the third rail, conversationally and i had second thoughts about posting this

but that’s  why the nom de poop.




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