I Hate Music

Actually i love music, I just can’t stand ” music”.

Music used to be shared and made by everyone in the tribe or family. 

Now its a product that is fabricated,  packaged and consumed like a candy bar.

It’s just a commercial for itself.

Oh sure, I have my guilty pleasures and it is pointless to say one kind of music is ” good” or not.

 Pop music styles are fun in a junk food way. And in a bigger sense it’s all good. 

It’s just that ” music”  has  squeezed out almost all  the other ways we regard music.

In fact ” music” has become such a cheap common commodity  that it has almost no value anymore.

It’s everywhere and yet nowhere as we no longer actively  listen.

I’m so over   “music” that i never intentionaly listen to it.  I don’t listen to it in my house or car.

I feel  like i ‘ve already  listened to a lifetime’s worth already and i still get blasted with it everywhere i go.

I wish there was some way to purge my brain and do a data dump.


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