Obama with a hard hat

Wow, our new president is moving fast!

He is actually doing exactly what he said he would  do

during the campaign.

Weird. Who is this guy?

Anyhow, i was thinking…

He has said he wants to rebuild  America’s creaky infrastructure , invest in new

tech, and  put people to work in a massive program that is frequently compared

to the “new deal” programs from  1930s.

Then, as now, the country was in a huge financial mess and Roosevelt was trying new ideas to 

try and stop the bleeding. 

This idea actually worked pretty well and paid  off indirectly for years afterwords.

Will this work again?

Well one problem i see;

In the 1930s most americans either lived on a farm, had grown up on a farm, or had worked in a factory.

They knew how to cook, sew, fix their own cars and radios, and which end of a shovel to hold.

After years of exporting manufacturing and importing local labor, most non immigrant  americans i see  today are totally


And Lazy?

Young people from every economic class would rather stare at a screen and dream of having their

own line of hip hop clothing than  break a sweat doing physical labor.

Human beings are resilient and adaptable  and americans used to have a lot of get up and go.

I hope it hasn’t got up and left for good.


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