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February 28, 2009

I’ve noticed that there are often few good paying jobs available in many popular job classifications.

But some people have  figured out where the real money is;


There are a teeny number of people who can make a living as a model for instance.

But every city has a ” modeling school”

No one needs a “recording engineer” anymore.

But again every city has a ” digital audio institute”.

And these are not weekend workshops.

These cost a ton of money!

I met someone who wasted two years of his life at a ” guitar institute”.

But wait, they have testimonials from students about their  wonderful job placement!

One of my favorites is Cooking Institutes.

After spending 2 years and a hundred and fifty thousand you are going to get a job as a line

cook for ten dollars an hour?

But thats ok because you will be standing on your feet for 10 hours in a high pressure, greasy , hot

kitchen so that people with money can have a nice meal.

But wait you say, you are going to have your own restaurant!

Lets see; 14 hour days, a 7% profit margin, and a 90% chance of going under within 2 years.

Sign me up!

How many  “artists needed” signs do you see taped to telephone poles?

In my city alone there a tons of Art Schools.

My favorite  is a privately owned  diploma mill  that’s really more of a  tax dodge, and real estate scheme.

Thy have 20 large shiny  buildings, and  a fleet of shiny buses all paid for by the parents of their shiny mostly foreign students.

Note; i am not ragging on programs at the local community college where you can be a para professional

like a dental hygienist or court transcriber in a few semesters.

These are  really useful, in my book.

And weekend workshops can be fun way to check out some new things.

Just dont get   so caught up in your  dream, that you  dont  do any research

before you take out a big loan to  enroll at the

Astronaut Institute.




Pop Noise

February 28, 2009

The local public radio station had a program the other day to promote  a local ” indie music”

Festival called “noise pop”.

The promoters, the moderator, and call ins were all bemoaning the dire situation for ” musicians”.

No place to play!

There is no money for bands to tour!

No body is paying for music!

There were pleas for support from ” the community”.

 We all have to support this type of music!

It’s t a crisis!


Listen  up people

You are playing  popular music.

If you are not popular, then it makes no sense to berate people who dont find you entertaining.

Why does ” the community” need to prop up your ego trip

You are not an endangered species.

Does the federal government need to create a special “indie  protection zone” in every city?


And  sorry, there is nothing special about ” indie music”. 

The fact is, this kind of pop music paradigm is played out.

Middle class kids with guitars demanding attention?


More Poverty Porn my funky hood #6

February 21, 2009


Is it really messed up that I take pleasure in the fact that houses like this are on the same street as houses that have sold to Gentry for  a million?  Well. ok, maybe it is.

I just think rapid gentrification is destabilizing and i like that the funky folk act as a kind of anchor to slow things down and help keep it at least a little real.

In case you are wondering why there are only  photos of buildings, some of my  longer term neighbors have an innate distrust of people taking their pictures, even the ones i’ve been  friends with a long time.  I know better

than to put them on the spot and even ask..

All My Friends …… my funky hood #5

February 21, 2009


know the low rider.

Greetings From Jerkly

February 21, 2009


Found these on a Prius in a town known for overernest, self righteous, condescending,

social engineering, hypocritical, fake ‘ social justice’ concerned white people.

Hint: rhymes with ” jerkly”.

This cultural anomaly came out of the 60’s in a nexus of civil rights movements, cultural experimentation,

and self indulgence.

I wonder if there is a deep cultural connection to the over jealous , repressed,wound up religious nuts that founded the united states.   I’ll bet the geneology connects directly.

Funny how being a champion of freedom morphs into proscribing public and personal  behaviours narrowly.


I’m glad somebody knows better than me how i should think and act and has gone to the trouble of informing


Anyhow, does anybody even read bumper stickers anymore?

Speed Hump my funky hood #4

February 20, 2009


some clown has put these up all over my hood.

 Humpty Hump

Hoarding Cars my funky hood #3

February 19, 2009

Seems like every neighborhood i’ve lived in has one guy who collects cars.

This guy has over a dozen he parks on his block. On street cleaning days he just shuffles them around.

They are all vans and huge GM sedans from the 70’s and early  80’s.

scuze me while i  slide some Parliament in the 8 track.


Shoes Shine my funky hood #2

February 19, 2009

Garage based shine, used shoe mart, and haiku stand.

Sign  reads;

Knock glass window

Ring door bell

for shoes shine


My Funky Hood #1

February 15, 2009


Even though doctors and IT professionals are moving in to my hood,

there  are still plenty of the funky  folk left.

I’m going to throw up a photo now and then for my amusement

This was taken AFTER they cleaned up the yard and towed away some of the cars.


February 15, 2009

I used to be really annoyed by people surreptitiously recording live performances.

I mean, why don’t you guys  ( it’s almost always young men, by the way)  put down the toy and actually participate in the moment.

You can make a real memory in the hard drive between your ears.

The deeper you  involve yourself in the environment, the  bigger the reward.

Use all your senses.


Then I realized they can’t help it.

They are manifesting a pathology.

Subconsious fear of death and of being alone  has made them attempt to stop time.

They are stuck in a behavioral loop of  endlessly re-acquiring the same thing.

They are trying to make sense of the chaotic world by reducing  and cataloging.

They are trying to create meaning through object fixation.

And because they are unable to create deep relationships with humans, thanks to the net  they

can have a virtual community to exchange frozen time with.

Kind of sad, really.