Gentrification Timeline

I’ve been through the gentrification scenario three times now, so i thought i’d post this

helpful timeline for future historians. And yes, i realize i play a role in this, also.

1)   Underachieving middle class people and overachieving poor people populate a funky hood.

2)  People with more money start to move in.

3)  When there are more than 3 of the people with money, they announce that they are here to save the neighborhood.

4)  The new folks, or Gentry, proudly present tree planting!

5)  Gentry complain about the original neighbors who dont paint their house often enough.

6)  Gentry person is robbed.

7)  A  “crime watch” is started, gentry call the local precinct everyday to pester the watch captain. Services demanded. The mayor’s office is called!

8) Robber has moved to a different  area , but gentry doesn’t care  or even wonder why someone would become a robber.

9)  Gentry complains that the new trees provide shade for robbers and that the leaves are dirty. Demands

the city clean up the leaves from the tree in front of his house.

10) Gentry moves to the suburbs when first kid  turns 4.


UPDATE: i get a ton of hits on this post for some reason. Just wanted to let y’all know that i blog on gentrification a lot. Feel free to go the home page for  more.




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