Roids Rage

Yeah, I know.

I’m sick of hearing about it too.

The thing is, everyone knew about it.

The commissioner, the owners, the player’s union, the trainers, all the players, the sportswriters, everyone.

They all benefited from the increased  level of performance.

So spare me the fake outrage and shock.

And to the fans who are actually shocked, i feel kind of bad for your childlike need to believe

in fairy tales. 

That is, if you are over 10 years old.

Besides, 90% of us are on some kind of drug.

Coffee, a legal and socially  sanctioned stimulant.

All those mood levelers they hand out now.

Viagra, diet pills,etc.

My intuition and powers of deduction lead me to the impression that fully half the 

players were juiced at the height of the era.

Wow, who woulda believed that knucklehead Canseco was telling the truth?

I do have a kind of morbid desire to excavate and catalog the whole pile, though.

I mean i would really love to have a complete timeline and list of everyone involved.

I’ll bet it goes farther back then we think.

aint gonna happen, i know.

Or maybe we are going about this all wrong.

Maybe we should be growing these entertainers in a petri dish like the old soviet olympians.

We dont really care what happens to them after they retire anyhow.

Now batting, uniform  number twelve.


One Response to “Roids Rage”

  1. SammyTerO Says:

    🙂 Wow. nice arcticle

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