Getting Up In Other Peoples Business

There was a hearing yesterday because a handful of people complained about the smell from the brunch that the

local thai temple puts on every sunday. This is a cultural tradition that this temple has been doing for 20 years.

Most of the complainers have lived in the neighborhood for 10 years or less.

They complained about the traffic also even though the other nearby christian churches and  the largenormous fancy grocery store generate even more traffic.

Would they have complained about the smell if they were cooking pizzas?

Or should they only serve raw vegan salads.

What is it with some people?

How come y’all have to control everything and squeeze all the life out of it?

It’s like the people who move into the new ” edgy, industrial” style condo then complain about the auto body

shop next door  that’s been there for 40 years.


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