Parking in Front of Your House

I’ve noticed over the years that humans have this territorial thing about parking in front of their house.

This is  beyond simple convenience or laziness. This is lizard brain stuff.

People start growling and their fur stands up when you get close to the entrance to their cave.

I have personally witnessed shootings, stabbings, keyings, nails under the tires, etc. over this.

If you are lucky, you just get an angry note on your windshield.


MEMO:  Unless you live at the end of a dirt road, the space in front of your house is a public space.

That means anybody can park there subject to the usual 72 hour regulation.

Is this so hard to understand?

One of my neighbors has the ticket people out if you are even close to the edge of her curb cutouts.

They are only too happy to write more tickets, regardless of merit.

Of course she doesn’t evem park in her garage.

This irrational  behavior is so universal, across every social strata, that i have given up hope of ever

seeing it go away.

I’ve had people  with pit bulls on a string threatening me.

I’ve had zillionares bound out of their house, chasing me down the street  ask me to move,  politely but firmly, even though i am  parked 100 feet from their house.

Trog say no park cave.


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