I used to be really annoyed by people surreptitiously recording live performances.

I mean, why don’t you guys  ( it’s almost always young men, by the way)  put down the toy and actually participate in the moment.

You can make a real memory in the hard drive between your ears.

The deeper you  involve yourself in the environment, the  bigger the reward.

Use all your senses.


Then I realized they can’t help it.

They are manifesting a pathology.

Subconsious fear of death and of being alone  has made them attempt to stop time.

They are stuck in a behavioral loop of  endlessly re-acquiring the same thing.

They are trying to make sense of the chaotic world by reducing  and cataloging.

They are trying to create meaning through object fixation.

And because they are unable to create deep relationships with humans, thanks to the net  they

can have a virtual community to exchange frozen time with.

Kind of sad, really.





2 Responses to “Tapers”

  1. valeriesoe Says:

    Do bloggers have the same problem? Just asking.

  2. mrpoopypants Says:

    No Way! That’s completly different!
    Er…. i think. right?

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