Greetings From Jerkly


Found these on a Prius in a town known for overernest, self righteous, condescending,

social engineering, hypocritical, fake ‘ social justice’ concerned white people.

Hint: rhymes with ” jerkly”.

This cultural anomaly came out of the 60’s in a nexus of civil rights movements, cultural experimentation,

and self indulgence.

I wonder if there is a deep cultural connection to the over jealous , repressed,wound up religious nuts that founded the united states.   I’ll bet the geneology connects directly.

Funny how being a champion of freedom morphs into proscribing public and personal  behaviours narrowly.


I’m glad somebody knows better than me how i should think and act and has gone to the trouble of informing


Anyhow, does anybody even read bumper stickers anymore?


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