I’ve noticed that there are often few good paying jobs available in many popular job classifications.

But some people have  figured out where the real money is;


There are a teeny number of people who can make a living as a model for instance.

But every city has a ” modeling school”

No one needs a “recording engineer” anymore.

But again every city has a ” digital audio institute”.

And these are not weekend workshops.

These cost a ton of money!

I met someone who wasted two years of his life at a ” guitar institute”.

But wait, they have testimonials from students about their  wonderful job placement!

One of my favorites is Cooking Institutes.

After spending 2 years and a hundred and fifty thousand you are going to get a job as a line

cook for ten dollars an hour?

But thats ok because you will be standing on your feet for 10 hours in a high pressure, greasy , hot

kitchen so that people with money can have a nice meal.

But wait you say, you are going to have your own restaurant!

Lets see; 14 hour days, a 7% profit margin, and a 90% chance of going under within 2 years.

Sign me up!

How many  “artists needed” signs do you see taped to telephone poles?

In my city alone there a tons of Art Schools.

My favorite  is a privately owned  diploma mill  that’s really more of a  tax dodge, and real estate scheme.

Thy have 20 large shiny  buildings, and  a fleet of shiny buses all paid for by the parents of their shiny mostly foreign students.

Note; i am not ragging on programs at the local community college where you can be a para professional

like a dental hygienist or court transcriber in a few semesters.

These are  really useful, in my book.

And weekend workshops can be fun way to check out some new things.

Just dont get   so caught up in your  dream, that you  dont  do any research

before you take out a big loan to  enroll at the

Astronaut Institute.





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