Pop Noise

The local public radio station had a program the other day to promote  a local ” indie music”

Festival called “noise pop”.

The promoters, the moderator, and call ins were all bemoaning the dire situation for ” musicians”.

No place to play!

There is no money for bands to tour!

No body is paying for music!

There were pleas for support from ” the community”.

 We all have to support this type of music!

It’s t a crisis!


Listen  up people

You are playing  popular music.

If you are not popular, then it makes no sense to berate people who dont find you entertaining.

Why does ” the community” need to prop up your ego trip

You are not an endangered species.

Does the federal government need to create a special “indie  protection zone” in every city?


And  sorry, there is nothing special about ” indie music”. 

The fact is, this kind of pop music paradigm is played out.

Middle class kids with guitars demanding attention?



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