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Reason World

March 14, 2009

I was thinking it would be good to separate people into groups.

These groups of people, who i don’t like, could live somewhere else.

Typical examples would be:



My God The Only God  And Your God Is Wrong Land

Rich  Entitled Ultra Capitilist  Estates

Neurotic Food  Worry  Mountain

Dogs Are My Children Landing Strip

Designated Hitter  Island



The rest of us could live in a reasonable  place of reason called Reason World.

I wonder if anybody else would be there other than me.


I Want My Money Back

March 14, 2009

It’s becoming clearer everyday that our economy in the US was looted for years.

Just yesterday i read that the FDIC which is supposed to back up bank failures is short funds because the banks haven’t been paying their premiums for THE LAST TEN YEARS.

I guess i’m not too bright, but i don’t understand why we  even  need to have ” Markets”.

Why is speculating a good thing?

Why don’t we just make, grow, and service things?

Why should an elite group make money off our backs for doing nothing productive , useful, or constructive?

This group of humans have been gaming the system with no oversight for years.

And that is why we are all broke. The money went directly from our pockets to theirs.


Of course average people bought into the idea that money can “grow”.


There are people right now that are sitting on their private island sipping cool drinks paid for with our money.

I think they should be forced to give it back and then get in line for a job cleaning houses.


It will never happen, i know.

I pay more in parking tickets than these peeps will ever pay in fine or restitution.

Death By Hanging

March 14, 2009

Proffiteering during times of war is punishable by death in the united states, i believe.

Since George and Dick cooked up the whole Iraq deal and possibly Afghanistan to extract

money in the form  of quasi private deals like Halliburton, and of course oil revenue kickbacks, they should be

marched to the gallows.


Or at least according to law.

I Hate Daylight Savings Time.

March 13, 2009

I wrote to the president of the US yesterday and asked that after he gets the small things out of the way like the 

economy and health care, would he please put this foolish ” daylight savings time” thing to rest.

Why is it bad?

Because it messes up your body clock.

Why does everybody have to go through a jet lag twice a year?

Our biorhythms have  evolved to work with the circadian rhythms  of the sun.  Or something like that.

Why mess it up?

Do some research, you will see the lamest excuses for EDST ( evil daylight savings time).

I won’t bore you with a line by line rebuttal., but they don’t stand up to serious scrutiny.



This seems like one of those things we have because, well, because we have it and no one really know why


I can’t  figure who would stand to benefit financially, so I cant even  cook up an evil conspiracy theory.


Mr. president? 


Edison Chen Is Naked!

March 8, 2009

In case you are not hip to Edison Chen, he is the hong kong movie star who video taped himself  having sex with a whole bunch of movie starlets.

The problem?

He stored them on his laptop and when he took it in for repair one of the techs leaked the goods.

Edison was run out of hong kong because he had tarnished some of the starlets, some of whom were married and some who previously had a squeaky clean image. 

There is a hit out on him from he triads.

Anyhow, as both of you know, this blog is just me blabbing away in the dark.

I dont care if anybody comes here or not.

But as an experiment, i am going to rick roll y’all by using our boy Ed’s name because he is the most searched term out there right now.

I want to see just how many people will follow this branch of the tributary to search out Ed.

Supporting Our Troops

March 8, 2009

I always cringe when I hear that phrase.

What is that supposed to mean, exactly?

I mean we should appreciate that people are willing to sacrifice their life for the rest

of us, right?

Except  which armed conflict in our lifetime has been  worth dying for?

Have any of them either improved the life of the people living in that region or has made the united states safer?

As far as I can tell, our  soldiers have died to protect corporate interests.

That doesn’t seem heroic to me, just sad and stupid.


I hear a lot of people complain about ” welfare”.

But I suggest that the armed services are the biggest form of welfare.

If you look at the services, they seem to be made up of people with few options.

I’ve heard it called ” the bubba army”.

The feed and clothe you and give you ( some ) educational opportunities.

They house you and  give you life time medical care.

If you last 20 years they give you a pension.

In exchange, you have a small chance of dying in combat.  The rate for the last hundred years is about 1%,

but that  includes two world wars and seems to be going down.

From what I read, you have way more chance of dying from a ton of more common things.

I dont see people tying a yellow ribbon around a tree every time a truck driver leaves to deliver a bunch of TV’s to

COSTCO , yet they use that TV all day every day.

That truck driver is much more likely to die  from  car accident, lung cancer, heart disease from truck stop

food, or listening to country music then being in the services.


Come to think of it, maybe country music is contributing to deaths in Iraq.


Red state types are fiercely loyal to the services.

I think this because it’s the only place many have known where there is a clear sense of order.

It’s the first time many have been told to stand up straight, make their bed, and be accountable..

And there are lots of rules.

Some people really like rules, it’s so much easier than having to think.

The services are  just about the only meritocracy we have which i think fuels the loyalty.


I get the symbolism of dying for an idea, I just haven’t found dying for Chevron to be that compelling.

More Poor-nography my funky hood #9

March 7, 2009



Couldn’t resist throwing up more crud.

Somebody stop me.

Don’t worry, there’s a lot less of this stuff left in my hood , now.

The guy in this house was a bus mechanic for the city for many years.

My new neighbors drive by in their audis and  they just look past this kind of stuff,

Because it doesn’t fit in with the way they want to think about where they live.

Not that there is anything heroic about deferred maintenance.


Looking for Poor my funky hood #8

March 3, 2009



OK, maybe i should give it a rest.

I started out thinking it would be fun to take some photos of my hood as it actually is,

Instead of the kind of view you get in your mind when you just inhabit the gentry experience.

I started to realize i was  kind of fetishizing poverty and decay.

And I realized something else.

Without my noticing, my hood turned a corner in the last few years.

When I went to shoot my favorite funky places, they were gone.

The  reverend with a flock of 8 who meet in the garage. Replaced by Gentry

The car that had been parked in the driveway for over 30 years. House sold to Gentry

The little house that my neighbor won in a card game. Torn down and replaced by jumbo house.

The biker guy with the pile of beat up chevys and harleys. Gone.


And now, i’ve become the new funky.

The Affluent and the Effluent my funky hood #7

March 3, 2009


The brand new house is sad because the funky house makes him worth less,

but to the funky house, the opposite is true.