Looking for Poor my funky hood #8



OK, maybe i should give it a rest.

I started out thinking it would be fun to take some photos of my hood as it actually is,

Instead of the kind of view you get in your mind when you just inhabit the gentry experience.

I started to realize i was  kind of fetishizing poverty and decay.

And I realized something else.

Without my noticing, my hood turned a corner in the last few years.

When I went to shoot my favorite funky places, they were gone.

The  reverend with a flock of 8 who meet in the garage. Replaced by Gentry

The car that had been parked in the driveway for over 30 years. House sold to Gentry

The little house that my neighbor won in a card game. Torn down and replaced by jumbo house.

The biker guy with the pile of beat up chevys and harleys. Gone.


And now, i’ve become the new funky.


One Response to “Looking for Poor my funky hood #8”

  1. valeriesoe Says:

    Slum porn

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