Edison Chen Is Naked!

In case you are not hip to Edison Chen, he is the hong kong movie star who video taped himself  having sex with a whole bunch of movie starlets.

The problem?

He stored them on his laptop and when he took it in for repair one of the techs leaked the goods.

Edison was run out of hong kong because he had tarnished some of the starlets, some of whom were married and some who previously had a squeaky clean image. 

There is a hit out on him from he triads.

Anyhow, as both of you know, this blog is just me blabbing away in the dark.

I dont care if anybody comes here or not.

But as an experiment, i am going to rick roll y’all by using our boy Ed’s name because he is the most searched term out there right now.

I want to see just how many people will follow this branch of the tributary to search out Ed.


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