I Hate Daylight Savings Time.

I wrote to the president of the US yesterday and asked that after he gets the small things out of the way like the 

economy and health care, would he please put this foolish ” daylight savings time” thing to rest.

Why is it bad?

Because it messes up your body clock.

Why does everybody have to go through a jet lag twice a year?

Our biorhythms have  evolved to work with the circadian rhythms  of the sun.  Or something like that.

Why mess it up?

Do some research, you will see the lamest excuses for EDST ( evil daylight savings time).

I won’t bore you with a line by line rebuttal., but they don’t stand up to serious scrutiny.



This seems like one of those things we have because, well, because we have it and no one really know why


I can’t  figure who would stand to benefit financially, so I cant even  cook up an evil conspiracy theory.


Mr. president? 



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