I Want My Money Back

It’s becoming clearer everyday that our economy in the US was looted for years.

Just yesterday i read that the FDIC which is supposed to back up bank failures is short funds because the banks haven’t been paying their premiums for THE LAST TEN YEARS.

I guess i’m not too bright, but i don’t understand why we  even  need to have ” Markets”.

Why is speculating a good thing?

Why don’t we just make, grow, and service things?

Why should an elite group make money off our backs for doing nothing productive , useful, or constructive?

This group of humans have been gaming the system with no oversight for years.

And that is why we are all broke. The money went directly from our pockets to theirs.


Of course average people bought into the idea that money can “grow”.


There are people right now that are sitting on their private island sipping cool drinks paid for with our money.

I think they should be forced to give it back and then get in line for a job cleaning houses.


It will never happen, i know.

I pay more in parking tickets than these peeps will ever pay in fine or restitution.


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