Leaning On The Wal

img_0227One of my favorite stores is a chain that started out as a  pharmacy but now sells almost everything.

They do a lot of rebadging

Their house brand has the prefix “wal” in front of all the products.




They have  $3 sweatshirts, packaged “food”, and novelty items like the rubber fish that wiggles

and sings “don’t worry be happy”.

Those are my favorite.


They also have a greeting card section with lots of  what they call “ethnic” cards.

It’s fun to mix them up when giving them to your friends.

One of my favorites was a wife beater card.

“i’m sorry . you know i love you”


I was working through the idea of living entirely out of this one store.

I decided it was possible, but you would be pretty malnourished.

They do have a lot of vitamins and you have the pharmacy there for backup.

That might extend your life another year.


I’m  amazed that you can have huge sections with just pain relievers.

Do we really need 48 varieties?  (i counted them)

And who dreamed up the enormous number of dental products?

My teeth feel happy just thinking about it.


I love to just wander around and experience the dissonant explosion of  the products and packaging all screaming for attention.

Even though they all clash, the total effect,  barely constrained by the bulging shelves, is of a terrifiying and beautiful

Extraterrestrial landscape, with its own eco –  logic.

It’s as if you have crawled inside the television.


There are two of these stores at either end of my hood and they have subtle differences.

One might have A dusty box of made in mexico hair pomade stuffed in the back of a bottom shelf.

Another might have a bigger selection of  rubber beach sandles.

Kind of like exploring different tide pools.

Because they have no windows and are over-lit with florescence, it is always the same time in there.


I like to watch the employees as they constantly restock and rearrange the ever changing yet similar products.


I   wonder what kind of wal-dreams they have,


2 Responses to “Leaning On The Wal”

  1. valeriesoe Says:

    I think there’s too many “l’s” in your spelling of “wal”

  2. mrpoopypants Says:

    Noted and corrected.

    Is my shirt tucked in?

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