A Worm Is Better Than A Dog

First off, they are free.

No need to try and decode the social meaning of different breeds.

You just find some dirt and dig.

If you accidentally  cut  wormy  in half, no problem, they are just a little short until they grow back.

Let’s see a dog do that.

A worm doesn’t need shots.

It doesn’t need to be neutered.

No tags or even a collar.  Unless you really want to.

It dosn’t need to go to worm obedience school.

It doesn’t need a chew toy.

In fact, only thing wormy gonna be chewing is dirt.

No special haircuts and shampoos.

wormy aint got fleas

You are going to be saving some serious money on pet food.

No worm-walker is going to take wormy out everyday while you at work.

And no going for  the walk with a plastic bag three times a day.

No need to board wormy when you go on vacation.

No face licking, privates licking, farting, barking, clawing, jump on stranger, shedding, fighting with other worms here.

Nope, these wigglers is chill.

No embarrassing external genitalia as far as I can tell.

Wormy can converse every bit as good as a dog.

You can use wormy for bait  You can even eat wormy.

Try eating your dog and see what the neighbors say.

You are gonna be saving an average of   five  Ben Franklins a year on vet bills.

When wormy expires, you just dig a new one out. No one will be able to tell.

You won’t get the bragging rights that comes from  having  “rescued” your pet, but you  have self esteem already,

don’t you?

When you finally have  your own human offspring, you wont have to keep wormy around just  because you  are too embarrassed to admit he was a substitute.

Just thrown him back in the garden.

Plus, a worm can eat from either end!

Let’s see your dog try that.





One Response to “A Worm Is Better Than A Dog”

  1. valeriesoe Says:

    didn’t know you were such an animal lover

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