I Hate Religion

Because it is irrational.

What is “faith”?

Believing  in something that doesn’t exist  just because you want it to exist.

There is no “plan”

Everything doesn’t “happen for a reason”

You didn’t stub your toe because it was ” meant to be”

If I told you that 75  million years ago  Zenu, the ruler of the Galactic Confederacy brought billions of people to earth in spacecraft resembling Douglas DC-8 airliners, stacked them around volcanos then blew up the volcanos with hydrogen bombs and that bits of these blown up people are still stuck to us now. most of you would laugh.

And yet the group that advances this ” belief” claims 8 million adherents.

And if i told you that I was walking in a desert 200 hundred years ago  where no other european-american has ever trod and a snake popped out from behind a rock,  talked to  me in english , and led me to a pile of rocks with writing on them.

In english, of course.

And these rocks tell the story of how the american indians are really from Israel. And that I will carry these rocks back to the east coast and they will be hidden under a blanket and only i will be allowed to see them and i will slowly read them to the inner circle of cronies over a period of days and that will become the basis for a belief system, you would think that doesn’t pass the sniff test.

Yet the group based on this event  claim 13 million members worldwide.

And is this really any more preposterous than the idea that there is a being  “god” that “created the world” ?

And that “he” has a son who had an earth mother that got pregnant  without going near sperm and that he made an ocean open up on command and that he took his body and floated up to a place in the sky a few days after he died.

And yet the majority of people alive today accept this as an historical fact.

The ideas of one or more  gods,  reincarnation,  animal spirits, or woman being created out of a rib  all have equal amounts of evidence backing them up.

Which is to say, zero.

Of course it’s not the “what” but the “why” of belief that’s the interesting part.

Our collective knowledge and understanding of the world is but a micro percentage of what is knowable, yet compare to what was common knowledge a few thousand years ago;

Most people were illiterate, and never left their village. They had no understanding of the mechanism of disease.

The Internet?  The most advanced people of the day had just figured out how to tie a stick on to an oxen to scrape the ground.

How frightening and random life must have appeared.

Of course we needed a narrative to make sense of it all.

Even just a few  hundred years ago, most europeans  , bathed once a year because they thought it would make you sick, cured sickness with leaches, and thought the world was flat.

For these people having an Invisible Guy In The Sky made just as much sense as anything else.

Look,  I dont know what happens when you die.

But neither do you.

No one has actually died and come back.

it may be that it is unknowable and i’m ok with that.

Our brains might not be up to the task, yet.

And it may be that “science” bumps up to it’s limits there.

But there is not only no evidence of an afterlife,  you have to ask why you would think there is one.

Isn’t this really about fear of death?

What’s that you say? That the world is too amazing to have NOT been created by a “creator”?

Think about that for a second.

Is ” the creator” monitoring every flower being pollinated, every zooplankton getting sucked up by plankton,  every  cell division,  every second forever and ever?

Or maybe,  like Santa,  “he”  has “helpers”?

I often hear “believers” toss back the idea that Science is another religion.

The difference is that the premise  of science  is to actively seek differing views and test them out in the open.

If you have a different theory and can make a case for it with repeatable results,

it may become accepted.   In any case the model encourages open discussion.

As opposed to the  hiding under the blankets that is religion.

So if religion comforts people in their fear by reducing the world to the level of a comic book,  is that bad?

Well, I  think willful ignorance is dangerous.

There is no excuse to believe in primitive fairy tales any more.   Once you stop expecting the daddy figure to rescue you, you can take ownership of  and resposibility for your existence.

We have some serious work to do to figure out how humans are going to keep from wrecking the planet and religious fatalism is an impediment.

It’s ok to not have a religion. Your kids will grow up  just fine without one, also.

Why would you look to a 5000 year old tribal law document as the only word on

ethical and moral behaviour?

For example we  no longer think it’s normal  to sleep with your son’s wife if he dies or to stone people to death without a trial.

And thou shall not kill has turned out to be conditional.

We are going to have to determine as a group what is appropriate social behavior.

We can’t just look it up.

Crawl out from under the blankets.

Once you stop blinking and get used to the light, you will like it out here.

It’s not so scary.



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