I’m From You Nork!

There are a lot of people where i live that came from new york.

How can I tell?

Because within sixty seconds  of meeting me,  they feel compelled to tell me;

“I’m from  New York”.

This is usually followed by a pause with the person looking at me expectantly.

I’m never sure what i should say,

“that certanly makes you unique”

or, “so?”

or, ” cool. You must be a real tough guy.

I was going to try and take advantage of you in some way, but now i realize

i’m dealing with a super  savvy scrapper.

I better back down!

Why do i get a sense they are searching for a reaction?

Is it a challenge of some kind?

Or do i just not know the secret code?

Look. I like new york.

It’s an especially  fun place  if you are in your twenties and have a career with an upward trajectory.

But taking pride in tamping down your fight or flight reflex to live in an over crowded,  overstimulating,

dangerous rat maze is kinda perverse if you think about it.

Anyhow,  i’ve taking  to responding by saying;

“New York is way better than here,  this place is lame, i wish i could live in new york, when are you going back?”


2 Responses to “I’m From You Nork!”

  1. Nick Says:

    Hahaha feeling grumpy ?

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