Al Franken is a Politician

I was at a family gathering yesterday and some of my republican relatives were complaining that a comedian

had won the seat in Minnesota.

Yeah, well at least he is actually pretty smart and has a sense of humor unlike the steroid using weight lifter we have for

a governor in california.

Or the cheesy actor we had for president.

Or all the wrestlers, ball players, astronauts, and sons of rich people who have held higher office in the last few years.

They were sure pre-qualified to handle the complicated aspects of foreign and domestic policy.

At least in the Philippines the soap opera star they elected is good looking.

Maybe san francisco’s Gavin Newsom could go there.




One Response to “Al Franken is a Politician”

  1. valeriesoe Says:

    Al Franken can also draw a map of the US freehand from memory. Tell me that Arnold S. or John McCain can do that.

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