Gavin Newsom Is An Empty Suit

A friend from new york asked me about gavin newsom  because, in an effort to raise his political profile, he was appearing on

tv shows in new york.

My friend, being unfamiliar with mr. newsom,  thought he was personable and came off well.

I dont know him personally, so i’m commenting on the public person here, but i find newsom to be a tool.

I have come to believe he doesn’t have a single original thought.

I think every  word that comes out of his mouth originates from the group of people who  surround him.

It’s like the people he is fronting for created him in a lab.

In a sense they have.

He really reads to me like sensitive political polling is pulling every one of his puppet strings.

his special  gift is the ability to seamlessly   redirect your gaze so you dont notice the strings.

Not a  single one of  “his”  grandstanding ideas has ever been implemented.

He is the king of the meaningless symbolic gesture.

I know what some of you are thinking.

That he was a hero for standing up for gay marriage.

Well, I certainly support the act, but the more i watch gavin, the more i suspect it was a calculated political move.

He reminds me of the guy that is  there smiling in every photograph of the class yearbook, but no one remembers him being there, or who invited him.



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