I just don’t get some things.

Like golf.

I especially don’t get watching golf on TV.

I don’t really consider it a sport, more of an activity.

More on a par ( pun ) with billiards or  playing poker.

But over the years i’ve  come to realize  that just because i don’t get something  doesn’t mean there isn’t something there.

I mean, lots of people love golf.

Really love it.

So on a family vacation recently, i decided to tag along with a couple of brother in-laws and play.

Having not played before, i didn’t  exactly tear it up, but i got a sense of  what fun  it is  to get off a good drive.

Watching on tv doesn’t give the sense of just how far away the greens are.

And at least we walked, so there was some modicum of physical effort  involved.

But it did confirm my impressions of golf world.

Let me see if i can somehow articulate this.

I’ve always associated golf with republicans.

The idea of private clubs that are expensive.

These courses  use huge amounts of water.

There is  a fetish of non native grasses that are closely cut in a way that

reminds me of the way republicans see the natural world.

Something to be controlled and exploited.

Just the fact that golf courses take up such a huge amount of room makes a statement that they are not for people

who live in small overcrowded spaces.

They are clean,clean,clean.

As are the people with the impractical white clothing that says someone else gets dirty on my behalf.

Let’s face it.

These clubs had to be sued over and over until they grudgingly accepted women and  minorities.

They finaly had to remove the lawn jockeys.

Of course, republicans now  like to  pretend to take ownership of integration as if they were in favor of it all along.

Aside from a few famous exceptions, golf is still largely for  Gentry.

I didn’t see a single minority that day.

The idea  that you can just go somewhere in the middle of the week and  spend a half  day getting drunk with your peeps   while hitting a tiny ball without getting fired from your job is just something i could never understand.

The whole idea of networking  “business deals” over golf seems exclusionary by design to me.

I saw most of the people using carts so the exersize argument doesn’t hold much either.

i’m happy to confirm  that from my limited experience, drinking is still widespread in golf.

In fact, i wonder if that isn’t the main point.

I might go to a driving range and whack a few balls sometime, but i probably don’t need yet another expensive,

frustrating hobby.

Might  have to throw down for some checkered trou , though.


One Response to “Golf?”

  1. Nick Says:

    Right u r I agree

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