Parking Tickets

Yeah, i know.

Major rant bait.

It’s just that every municipality is broke so they are on a rampage to increase ticket revenue by extending hours, increase the fees, and step up enforcement.

So what’s wrong with that?

Just two things:

It’s regressive and it’s cowardly.

It’s regressive because a $100 ticket means one thing to a $400 dollar an hour lawyer, and another to the Guatemalan lady who is getting paid $60 to drive over and spend the day cleaning his house.

And cowardly because politicians don’t have the backbone to get up in public and say we need to raise taxes or cut services.

The adjoining community just extended the meters to 9pm and  stepped up “chicken poop” tickets like not having your wheels curbed exactly right, etc.

There was a huge revolt, with voters threatening a recall of the supes.

I’m sure the politicians noticed and will go back to the boiling the frog technique of  slowly raising the fees every 6 months.


My city announced plans today to extend the meters till midnight and also sundays.

UPDATE: The online version of the paper reported today that officers were instructed to not write parking tickets in wealthy areas. Sadly, i’m not joking.



2 Responses to “Parking Tickets”

  1. Lise Says:

    Nice writing Your writing really is good, but not that incendiary, go for it Mr. Poopypant,s, xl

  2. mrpoopypants Says:

    and a big wet poopy smooch to you, also.

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