More Fun With Immigration

Or as some people prefer, “Illegal immigration”.

Ok, i get that some people think it’s unfair that they should have to play by the rules, and others dont.

Still, i wonder if the people who are angry would feel the same if the immigrants were from, say, Denmark.

Anyhow, there was  a bunch of activity recently with police harassing latino immigrants in my city.

After doing some research, i found it was all coming from the major, who is running for governor.

He was told he looked  soft on immigrants, so the people the major works for hired the guy from the Balco deal, kevin ryan,  to run a hassle and deport the immigrants program.

Mr. Ryan was available because he had recently been fired by the feds.

He was not only the main guy behind the balco thing, he was the ONLY guy.

And all because Barry Bonds apparently snubbed him when he wanted an autograph.

Anyhow, i work a lot with immigrants and they have a ton of stories.

Here’s  a common one;  getting pulled over for a broken headlight.

When the driver says there is nothing wrong with the light, the officer insists there is and tries to write a ticket.

When the driver keeps insisting, and a crowd gathers, the officer relents, the driver gets out, and it’s obvious the lights are fine.

The officer gives up.

Or asking for papers from passengers which is not allowed on a routine stop.

But my favorite is ringing the doorbell at 3 in the morning, addressing the person by name and asking for papers.

A couple of guys told me of being put in a bus with 30 other guys and taken to jail.

There are also unmarked cars hanging around the elementary schools when parents drop off the kids.

Look, regardless of how you feel about immigrants,  it;s a pretty crappy thing to break up families because you want to be governor.

And, it happens to be in violation of the letter and spirit of the official sanctuary policy of the city.

Just read a great book;  Wherever there’s a fight, ( Stan Yogi, Elaine Elinson, Heyday books).

It;s about the history of California and miscegenation, ethnic cleansing. scapegoating and civil rights.

Its amazing how little things change.

UPDATE: One of the supervisors, himself a former “illegal alien” ( how cool is that?) managed to get a policy in place to allow imigrants 20 minutes to have somebody else come and get their car when they are pullled over.

This saves the car from getting impounded.

Of course, if you call me, it might take me 20 minutes to put my pants on much less get over to where you are.

UPDATE: Mayor Gavin Newsom has announced he is dropping out of the govenor’s race.

He did not mention mrpoopypants in his news conference, but instead made other excuses.



2 Responses to “More Fun With Immigration”

  1. Nick Says:

    When I came to thus country in 1979 I had to pay money for the green card , for the passport
    ecc. I did everything legit.
    If other folks get the right to live and work here without being legit then the joke is on me.
    Many illegal aliens say say that they r coming here to work and support theyr familys. R they sayng that I who came here legit from the ol’country came here to rob banks or sell drugs?
    Sell drugs because there is a demand?
    Or maybe it’s the other way around( no supply
    will shurely eliminate the demand).
    If there is a law then it should be applied equaly

  2. mrpoopypants Says:

    well it does seem unfair to enfore rules unevenly.
    gotta admire the initiative of the folks who make there way here, though.

    saw a movie you might like called ” sin nombre” about honduran immigrants.

    check it out.

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