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Boomers as Elders

November 18, 2009

There was a guy promoting his book on the radio the other day.

And no,  i don’t feel like  mentioning the author or title by name, thank you.

Anyhow the premise ; The Boomers have the potential to change the way we look at aging.

They have so much to offer us because of their experiance and wisdom.

And  thanks to new technology they are going to live a really long time!

Uhh, that’s just great.

Is anybody else out there sick of these folks?

Just through numerical force, they have dominated the last half of the 20th century.

It was all about youth when they were young and now that they are old, they want to flip that around and have us worship the elders.

Why does it always have to be  about you guys?

In fact i dont think there is anything special at all about the boomers.

Then or now.

Most of them dont even seem to realize that they are increasingly irrelevant.

Sorry, it’s time for you to step aside.

Actually, you dont even have to step aside.  It already happened while you were not paying attention in that self absorbed way of yours.

There are new faces to see, new ideas to explore, new stories to be told.

Adios, Boomeros.


Street Food-My Funky Hood #13

November 18, 2009

I’ve always loved street food.

Unlike a lot of americans, i’m not food and hygiene phobic.

Wherever i go in the world i love to check out the local street food.

It’s fine, dont worry.

Trust me, if you saw the kitchen in your favorite 4 star restaurant, you would be surprised.

Recently, there’s been a mini fad of ” gourmet” street vendors selling food out of carts and trucks

Guerrilla style.

Stuff like ” the creme broulet” cart.

No permits and no regular location, just let people let you know where you are through twitter.

Anyhow the city caught wind of it and wants to charge these folks a $1000 a month.

Talk about a wet blanket.

The people who have been eking out a mini living all along selling tamales and churros without a permit are all of a sudden

being squeezed.

Anyhow the photo above is from a guy who makes cotton candy in his kitchen, then walks around selling them.

He showed me how he drilled each hole at a different angle to pack more of the candies on to the stick he carries around.

He walks around 10 miles or so on each of the different routes he takes.

I’d be surprised if his gross was more than a thousand a month.

Gavin Meltdown Newsom

November 18, 2009

This is getting weirder and weirder.

Yesterday the mayors press secretary resigned and today kevin ryan, the architect of

the “hassle the immigrants ” policy resigned.

This is on top of all the other folks who have bailed in the last couple of months, like

erik jaye, one of the mayors major string pullers.

A lot of people seem to be making a run on the lifeboats.

I smell a fire in the engine room.


November 5, 2009

I have a question.

Does anybody out there actually enjoy thanksgiving?

You know, the dysfunctional family drama.

And shopping and cooking for days only to wolf down the food in minutes.

Or maybe in your house every body has to squirm in uncomfortable clothes while you labour at eating slowly.

Then laying on the couch in a food coma while college ” students” play football on TV.

Or maybe you go to the local fancy hotel, where the chef stands there in a toque carving the roast beef for you.

Count on hearing the phrase ” the stuffing is the best part” a lot.

Another quick question; does  anybody under  70 enjoy watching ” the thanksgiving Day-parade”?

And who alive today remembers the origins of this holiday?

Something about how the Indians felt sorry for the clueless pilgrims and showed them how to eat the local food

Because they brought their world view with them and couldn’t adapt until they were almost dead.

I bet the Indians would like a do over on that one.

And how everyone cant wait until daybreak for the ” biggest shopping day of the year” so they can waddle over to the mall and participate in in the other  american compulsive ritual; buying christmas presents which will be exchanged on the second biggest shopping day of the year; the day after christmas.

And having to eat turkey in every possible form for days afterwords.

By the end of the week its turkey daiquiris, turkey smoothies, and turkey flavored popcorn.

Count on seeing the annual “news” story on TV  with celebrities  “feeding the less advantaged”.

At least the poor folks get one meal. After the cameras are turned off, everyone wants them to go away.

Hot Links For Lunch

November 5, 2009



I’d written before on the declining state of affordable lunch places.#mce_temp_url#

One of my favorite taquerias has gotten so bad, it’s like eating packing peanuts. A#mce_temp_url#

I started thinking about bringing my lunch: #mce_temp_url#

Maybe this will help: #mce_temp_url#

Dont forget dessert; #mce_temp_url#

Mayor Newsom AWOL

November 5, 2009

After dropping out of the governors race a few days ago, there has been no word from the mayor.

Today we learned he has gone to Hawaii without telling anyone including his staff.

One of his staffers held up some kind of copy of a letter stating that the one supervisor who is loyal to the mayor is in charge while he is gone, but wouldnt let anybody see it.

What, are you kidding?

Even though he seems glib and self assured in public, I think he has some deep insecurities. ( Freud jr. here)

Some of the reckless behaviors he has displayed make me think  part of him wants to drive the car over the cliff.

It gives me no pleasure to say this, but dont be surprised if he checks himself out.

Compared to Bush, he seemed fresh and telegenic, but in the post Obama era, he looks like a lightweight.

I thought maybe he was sleep deprived from having a newborn, but he probably has a nanny and his wife doesnt work.

Come to think of it, neither does he.

He’s been the least effective politician i’ve ever seen.

We might as well have elected a statue.

I wonder if Obama was a fluke, or if we have turned a corner and want smart people to lead.

If it’s the latter, than i wonder what use old style happy face cutouts like newsom have for us.

Car Bush- My Funky Hood # 12

November 4, 2009


In an earlier post #mce_temp_url#, we saw how someone is turning a bush into a car.

Here, a car is turning into a bush.

It has three flat tires and has not been moved for at least several years.

The bush has grown around and even into the car.



November 2, 2009

We americans are too busy to walk down to the river and scrub our clothes on a rock .

And we cant be bothered to herd goats, so we came up with something called “exercise”.

As it turns out, I’m exercise positive.

It’s all good, so pick the kind you like and have at it.

But as you probably know by now, i just cant resist being an ass and posting up these snarky comments and ridiculing others.

So let’s start with:


I find these folks a little weird. There is something kind of “look at me” and mock heroic about this.

Its  kind of for type A overachievers  who are always striving because somehow just enjoying the simple things in life is never good enough.

You often see recent divorcees among new triathletes.

Reminds me a little of those people in the hair shirts who sleep on nail beds because they have to keep punishing themselves for something or other.


It’s not as if humans have just appeared on the planet.

But somehow, we have been standing, sitting,  and walking wrong all this time.

Who knew?

So now we have to RE-LEARN  all that in the new IMPROVED  way.

They even  have a SPECIAL MACHINE that fixes what is WRONG with you called the Reformer.

But only the advanced adherents are allowed to use the machine after progressing through the layers of obedience.

And of course it’s a SYSTEM which was invented years ago by THE SPECIAL PERSON who must have known what he was talking about because he said so.

You have to make these little puffy noises and count  backwords.


Crikey,, this is almost as goofy as  scientology.


Was invented by an american who noticed that it is hot in india.

Therefore it must follow  that  americans need  an overheated yoga parlor!

Never mind that India  is probably  not  so hot to the people who live there every day and that within a minute your body is warmed up anyhow.

You get to smell the sweat  of hundreds of people who have dripped into the floor boards underneath you.



Gyms are very efficient places to go and exercise.

I particularly  like the treadmill because it is a metaphor for my life.

But i sense that people are there more to make themselves  attractive, than to improve their health.

Thankfully we seemed to have moved out of the era of pumped up steroidal heroic actors and athletes, but people still use muscles as a kind of armor to hide their insecurities.

Sometimes people who weight  lift a lot remind me of people with eating disorders. The same kind of body  self image distortion.


I  can still remember the first time i rode a bike without training wheels.

i think it’s the closest most of us get to flying.

But somehow, such a simple pleasure is not complicated enough for middle class modern americans.

They have to have a whole pile of expensive stuff to enjoy biking.

Start with the latest feather weight alloy bike.

Mix in custom hardware upgrades.

You are going to need a special rack for driving your bike around plus another one for the garage.

But most importantly, you need the special clothes because you are after all, a european professional racer, are you not?

Each aspect of the clothing will shave a tenth of a second off your time and will send a social message that you have a bmw at home.

You will, of course, not be touring through the ghetto on weekends, but instead out in the country where you can

enjoy a picnic of power bars and special ionized water out of your special water bottle.

The support car who trails you will bring the blanket.


This category always needs expensive, bulky equipment which mostly sits in the garage after you have used it a few times.

Typical examples would be; hanglideing, windsurfing, paragliding, kayaking, etc.

Every once in a while you look wistfully through the catalogs that show up at your house and wish you had the new version which is so much better than the one you bought way back 3 years ago.