Mayor Newsom AWOL

After dropping out of the governors race a few days ago, there has been no word from the mayor.

Today we learned he has gone to Hawaii without telling anyone including his staff.

One of his staffers held up some kind of copy of a letter stating that the one supervisor who is loyal to the mayor is in charge while he is gone, but wouldnt let anybody see it.

What, are you kidding?

Even though he seems glib and self assured in public, I think he has some deep insecurities. ( Freud jr. here)

Some of the reckless behaviors he has displayed make me think  part of him wants to drive the car over the cliff.

It gives me no pleasure to say this, but dont be surprised if he checks himself out.

Compared to Bush, he seemed fresh and telegenic, but in the post Obama era, he looks like a lightweight.

I thought maybe he was sleep deprived from having a newborn, but he probably has a nanny and his wife doesnt work.

Come to think of it, neither does he.

He’s been the least effective politician i’ve ever seen.

We might as well have elected a statue.

I wonder if Obama was a fluke, or if we have turned a corner and want smart people to lead.

If it’s the latter, than i wonder what use old style happy face cutouts like newsom have for us.



One Response to “Mayor Newsom AWOL”

  1. Nick Says:

    Politicians r destined to fail ….. It’s the nature of politics….. Unless they r killed (then they become
    saints)but otherwise it’s just almost impossible to deliver the promise…… the poet once said ( the rich man makes the rule for the wise man and the fool) of course if people want something they can get it but very seldom they reallly rise up without being manipulated

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