Boomers as Elders

There was a guy promoting his book on the radio the other day.

And no,  i don’t feel like  mentioning the author or title by name, thank you.

Anyhow the premise ; The Boomers have the potential to change the way we look at aging.

They have so much to offer us because of their experiance and wisdom.

And  thanks to new technology they are going to live a really long time!

Uhh, that’s just great.

Is anybody else out there sick of these folks?

Just through numerical force, they have dominated the last half of the 20th century.

It was all about youth when they were young and now that they are old, they want to flip that around and have us worship the elders.

Why does it always have to be  about you guys?

In fact i dont think there is anything special at all about the boomers.

Then or now.

Most of them dont even seem to realize that they are increasingly irrelevant.

Sorry, it’s time for you to step aside.

Actually, you dont even have to step aside.  It already happened while you were not paying attention in that self absorbed way of yours.

There are new faces to see, new ideas to explore, new stories to be told.

Adios, Boomeros.


One Response to “Boomers as Elders”

  1. Nick Says:

    I agree100%

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