Street Food-My Funky Hood #13

I’ve always loved street food.

Unlike a lot of americans, i’m not food and hygiene phobic.

Wherever i go in the world i love to check out the local street food.

It’s fine, dont worry.

Trust me, if you saw the kitchen in your favorite 4 star restaurant, you would be surprised.

Recently, there’s been a mini fad of ” gourmet” street vendors selling food out of carts and trucks

Guerrilla style.

Stuff like ” the creme broulet” cart.

No permits and no regular location, just let people let you know where you are through twitter.

Anyhow the city caught wind of it and wants to charge these folks a $1000 a month.

Talk about a wet blanket.

The people who have been eking out a mini living all along selling tamales and churros without a permit are all of a sudden

being squeezed.

Anyhow the photo above is from a guy who makes cotton candy in his kitchen, then walks around selling them.

He showed me how he drilled each hole at a different angle to pack more of the candies on to the stick he carries around.

He walks around 10 miles or so on each of the different routes he takes.

I’d be surprised if his gross was more than a thousand a month.



2 Responses to “Street Food-My Funky Hood #13”

  1. Nick Says:

    I love street food

  2. sassycondiments Says:

    I love street food!

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