There is something wrong with you.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Actually, there are many things wrong with you.

Your feet are very weak and need shoes to protect them.

You have no fur or feathers or bony protective hide, so you need clothing.

You are malnourished and need to eat carefully from a wide variety of foodstuffs all the time and/or take vitamins.

You need an expensive imported bed because after all you spend a third of your life sleeping, and a chair designed by an ergonomic scientist.

Or do you?

Maybe we are perfect the way we are.

Maybe we have evolved so rapidly because adaptability is the main feature in our dna.

After all, humans are all over the planet, and live in every kind of environment.

When Europeans came to where I live now, the ” primitives” who lived there were naked.

They didn’t have shoes, or beds, chairs, or even houses.

Yet somehow, they  did just fine.

They didn’t have  to have a ” balanced ” meal every time they ate.

If you look at traditional inuit diets, there are no fruits or vegetables.

Yet somehow they thrived.

Many people all over the world walked, climbed, and ran without shoes.

And even fair-skinned peoples somehow existed without sunscreen.

It just seems as if we have been made to feel so fragile.

If we have to walk in the rain for a block without an umbrella, we are going to melt.

We need helmets to ride a bike, wristgards to skate, hats to go out in the sun.

Special shoes and clothes for every different activity.

And we need blood thinners, and mood levelers, and insulin, and viagra

And filtered air, and filtered water, and filtered media.

And decaf this, lo fat tat , and lo salt the other thing.

And enriched flour, and fortified milk, and fruit drinks with whatever “antioxidant”

has been discovered this week.

And conditioned air, and instant hot water, and  ” hand sanitiser” because somehow we will die tomorrow from invisible  germs..

How did we get here so fast?

Just  60 years ago, our ancestors here in the US were  hardy, resourceful, spirited, innovators.

Oh well, someday soon a great pandemic or natural disaster will wipe out  a bunch of us and the clock will reset.

Because this is sure unsustainable.

That’s what’s really Wrong.


2 Responses to “Wrong”

  1. Nick Says:

    But today we live much longer ……

  2. mrpoopypants Says:

    Apparently, we live about the same as our ancestors if we make it past early childhood.
    infant mortality and childhood disease skewed the actuarial tables to bring the average ag of death down.
    Just what i hear, i wasnt there.

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