Dishwashing Machines

Every middle class american house has an appliance called the dishwasher.

Kind of banal subject , i know.

What can i say? I just see what is in front of me.

Anyhow, they are promoted as using less water.

But i have noticed that if i dont rinse all the food off right away, before i put the dishes in,  the  food gets baked on.

The teeniest bits of food will also get past the filter somehow and clog up the outlet valve.

and i’ve noticed for years that the high heat will really mess up plastics.

A lot of the handles from the pots and pans get brittle and break.

And the other plastic stuff gets cloudy and dull and gives off a toxic smell.

So if you eliminate the wooden things which really dont like the dishwasher, anything with plastic, the really nice

chef’s knives,   the things that are just too big, the fact that you have to wash everything first anyhow, and i come up up with a big ” why bother?”

But dont you use less water you ask?

My fancy imported machine only uses 4 or five gallons, but that doesn’t figure in the fact that you have to basically wash the dishes first anyhow. Not to mention the stuff listed above which is hand washed  anyhow.

Of course when i wash the dishes by hand, i dont stand there with the  hot water running all the way open

while i wander around the house.

But isnt it  a place to keep the dishes while they dry,you asked?

Sure, but then you have to put them away anyhow or the new dishes pile up in the sink.

But the main reason i use the dishwasher is to sterilize my dishes you say?

Think about that for a second.

Why would you need to sterilize them?

Do germs stubbornly dig their claws in and cling to glazed dishes and stainless steel spoons?

Throughout history have  people died left and right from unsterilized dishes?

I like to sterilize the baby toys you say?

Let me ask you, has that kept your kids from having a constant runny nose from age 1 to age 6?

Besides, a little dirt is good, it strengthens the immune system.

couple of other dishwasher behaviors i have observed:

At big family gatherings, sometimes the dishwasher will fill up right away but no one will run it because that’s what you  are supposed to do at the end of a party after everyone leaves.

Never mind that you have used up all the forks, and the dishes are piling up  in the sink.

I also like to watch how some people are super compulsive about how they load the machine.

II’d love to hear a behaviorial scientist break it down.

I did see one solution thats been around quite a while; its a dish rack that slides down from a cabinet above the sink.

After you rinse the dishes and load them up, you slide the rack back up into the cabinet.

They drip down into the sink and are dry in a few minutes when you need them again.

Of course, that’s not sexy enough for us modern americans.

We need to make things more complicated.

Like every other thing in my house, my dishwasher has a mother board, which has died  twice already.

I was talking with an appliance repair tech on a project and he told me no question all these appliances are designed to expire right after the warranty is up.

And designed to cost more to fix than replace.

All these appliances dont recycle all that well, either.

i think i’ll do another rant on american kitchens later.



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