Our Way Of Life

I often hear people say that’s what our soldiers in any given war  are fighting for.

This usually comes up when they have run out of other excuses.

Somehow i don’t think the people saying this mean a free, informed, and open system of  government when they say this.

Or a tolerance of differences.

But rather, i suspect, our energy hogging, wasting , over  consuming way of life.

Stand back foreigners, we are here in your country to perserve our way of life at home.

We assume you think this is important, also. After all, you have no other pressing concerns other than americas’ standard of living.

Or elese we might have to kill you.

Americans might nod when you inform them that they are lucky to have gotten the big end of the stick, but they dont truly comprehend just how much of the pie they have grabbed.

They feel they deserve it because, well, just because.

Like divine providence has anointed us.

We are not interested in history, or analyzing how we got here.

Only a teeny percentage of us own a passport and have  even been anywhere else.

And  even when we do, we often  buffer ourselves by bringing a portable version of America with us.

I see us as sheeple  meandering across the tracks as a giant train called End of Empire comes around the bend.


One Response to “Our Way Of Life”

  1. Nick Says:

    Some food for tought here …..

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