Gentrification Blindspot

I use the word  “gentry” to describe a certain type of person.

I don’t have to spell it out, right?

Anyhow, my neighborhood has pretty much gentrified, and i’ve been through several other gentrification scenarios in other  neighborhoods.

To be honest, it’s a mixed blessing.

I dont miss the police coming over to my next door neighbor’s house every week, but the new people sure are bland and repressed.

Near my neighborhood is a  large neighborhood with not a single gentry person.

It was largely built from 1900 to 1950 and was once  mixed working class.

10 years ago, the last descendants of the original folks finally faded away.

But instead of the neighborhood being run down it is exploding with vitality.

half of all the children in my city live in this neighborhood.

The main commercial streets are crammed with new businesses, mostly small ones,  and

unlike other parts of the city, there are people walking  everywhere day and night.

And there is not a single gentry to be seen. Seriously, if i stand there for an hour, not a one.

Anyhow, this post is about something i’ve noticed.

When gentry drive through this neighborhood, they say nothing is there.

They are oblivious to all the activity.

It doesn’t register for them unless they see something familiar.

So the only thing there eyes might pick up on is  cafe that sells coffee.  ( gentry likes  coffee), a yoga place, a bookstore, etc.

Everything else is just backround noise to them.

Kind of like a hawk scanning for only rabbit shapes from above with it’s

radar  like vision.

All this tsunami of cultural and economic activity was created by recent immigrants. I’m going to guess that maybe 110% of the households have at least one member who was born out of the US.

And none of this was created by special incentives or policies or grants or subsidies.

Just hard work, imagination, and maybe unrealistic dreams.

I hope the local government continues to ignore this neighborhood.

They have a bad  habit lately of “improving” neighborhoods around here

With top down, tone deaf, heavy handed, culturally insensitive projects.

In the meantime i’m enjoying it while it lasts.


2 Responses to “Gentrification Blindspot”

  1. Nick Says:

    I love pupuzas salvadorenas ( thanks for turning me on to them a million years ago )

  2. mrpoopypants Says:

    de nada enchilada

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