Mark McGuire Gives It A Shot

He just gave a press conference  yesterday where he admitted using steroids.

Apparently, there are still baseball fans roaming the earth who didn’t know he was juiced.

This is sadly the new style of  coached pro athlete ” confessions”

He said he used them a little. WRONG. See below.

He said he didn’t want to get big like swartzinigger  or fearing. WRONG. He was the Michelin man of baseball.

I mean, his nickname was ” Paul Bunyon” for christ’s sake.

He said he needed the drugs to recover from injury. WRONG. I think the injuries were CAUSED in large part by the steroids. Take a close look.

Besides, injuries are part of sports. Do you think every athlete doesn’t have to deal with  injury and fatigue?

What makes you different?

There is nothing to say except; ” i cheated” and ” i’m sorry”.

I suppose you could add that most of the other guys were doing it too.

But at least you could take the high road and separate yourself from the pack.

He said he couldn’t answer truthfully at the congressional hearings because  he didn’t want to involve his family. Did he mean his steroid using brothers, the football player and the weightlifter?

He could have come out before now, that’s for sure.

He said it didn’t make any difference in his performance.. Oh Please.

Al you had to say was, ” it probably helped, but i couldn’t tell you how much. After all. i hit 49 home runs my rookie year without them. ”

Of course, that is taking him at his word that he wasn’t taking them in 1987. I wouldn’t put money on that.

If they weren’t helping, why did you take them?

Oh, i forgot, to recover from injuries.

Or maybe he liked acne on the back, rapid mood swings, and shrunken nuts.

And it’s just coincidence that the home run records crumbled during the “steroid era”.

He also says he didn’t inject them with Canseco.

Of all the people involved in this mess, i find Canseco to be the most believable.

I mean, who would have figured that?

And i’m not impressed by Tony LaRussa for providing cover for him all these years.

” his success was based on all the hard work in the gym”.

Uhh, that goes with the steroids, Tony.

Of course Tony knows this.

He has a law degree.

He is not stupid.

He is compromised because he is an active coach and has to keep the trust of his players.

I am always amazed by how people will pretend to not see the emperor’s naked body.

UPDATE: Mark’s brother came out with a book yesterday where he said he personally injected mark for several years beginning in 1993.

Mark had said he never injected drugs. That’s because most of us swallow aspirin or vitamins or antibiotics ( or mood levelers), but the person who injects drugs is considered unsavory.


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