The Retro People

retro people at the flea market

I went over to someone’s house the other day and all the furnishings

were from the 1950s.

The people who lived there also had period correct haircuts and every piece of clothing in the house  matched also.

You probably know people like this.

This has been going on for 50 years.

This phenomena never goes away.

And they make new ones all the time.

I still meet young people who think they have invented the idea of “living” a retro lifestyle.

They have these tribal distinctions for which flavor of retro you pledge allegiance too.

People who are eclectic or who don’t cleave to a clearly defined style are to be avoided.

Anyhow, what’s the point?

Pretending you are in an old tv show  all day is delusional.

I  myself have a deep sentimental streak, and i have affection for the objects of the past.

They represent a slice of frozen time.

It fun to imagine the people who used them originally.

And stuff was sure constructed in a more sturdy, charmingly  crude way.

But they are only objects.

Projecting meaning  onto vintage stuff  just says that you are seeking shelter from the present.

I think part of the appeal lies in the Age of  Discovery era they represent.

When lots of goofy ideas were floating around and people were hopeful.

Or were they?

Maybe our era, or any era , is no different.

The nostalgia you feel is for a version of the era that was stylized through media and  other commercial concerns.

Anyhow the nostalgia lifestyle is  a closed loop from which there is no escape.

And i have to say, i find  watching people get old living this “lifestyle”

sad and horrifying.


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