The Mattress Industry

Another blog about something mundane i look at every day.

So here’s the deal;

There is no way to compare mattresses on price  because they work out deals with the manufacturers ( there are only two)

to change the names and model numbers. So the same mattress may be in two stores, but how would you know?

There are also no generally accepted ways to rate mattresses for quality.

Despite talk about  the number of coils or whatever materials they use, no one can say whether one is better than another.

And the way they are sold is very much like the way cars are sold.

The sales “associates’ are on commission.

The markup is usually 100% to 200%, so they will try to ” do you a favor” and give you ” a special price today only” but ” dont tell the manager or i’ll get in trouble”, etc.

Most mattresses are sold through these huge mattresses chains. Some of these chains have 700 stores!

The 2 biggest in my state advertise constantly. I cant get through a few minutes of commercial radio without hearing an ad.

And here’s the kicker.

When i did some research, i found out both  mega chains  are owned by the same person!

Mostly obscurred by a passing car, i was able to capture this bike rider pushing a mattress

on a homemade wheeled table attached to the front of his bike.



One Response to “The Mattress Industry”

  1. Nick Says:

    Interesting and funny blog indeed…..very informative

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