Gavin Nuisance

Nuisance. From the french word ” to hurt”.

He just announced he is running for Lt. Governor yesterday.

That’s just perfect.

Now that he has been exposed as a lightweight, he is running for the most ceremonial job in politics.

And apparently he is considered a shoo in because no one else is running that you have heard of.

He can go to events, get driven around in a limo, and  issue empty proclamations that originate from his staff.  Which is what he has been doing the last 6 years anyhow.

He would be abandoning the city he was elected to be mayor of for the second time after being mostly absent the last couple of years as he ran for governor.

Although when he is in town, the net result is the same.

He is bailing on the biggest budget crisis in city history.

The board of supervisors would have to agree on a lame duck  fill in for the remaining year. Another year lost because you cant get anything done in a year.

Newsom is  turning into a democratic sarah palin.


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