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Newsom I Love You

March 6, 2010


Actually, i just love poking at you because you are such a buffoon.

I know i should take poli/sci 101, but i  just dont understand politics.

Why would anyone smart want to run for office?

Do they think they are possessed of vision and have leadership skills, or do they just like to see themselves on tv?

Newsom is without any life experience and  is in a role as a major elected official who is supposed to embody wisdom.

Instead we get a mixture of sarah palin and forest gump.

Even his glibness and shiny hair  can’t disguise  his phonieness.

And he has no backbone.

Of course in the interest of fairness, i suppose few of our elected officials have much life experiance.

The guy who’s running for govenor has never, ever, had a real job and he is over  70!

I was talking with a european friend the other day and he pointed out that they actually pay their political leaders decent money to attract smart. skillful people.

Until we demand better, we are going to get the polictions we deserve.


That’s Life In The Big City

March 6, 2010

My Homie  Gavin Newsom just happened to walk down the street the other day and notice that there were street people on the street!

Of course he is usually being driven in a limo around the better parts of town.

This was a clumsily orchestrated staged event where he became ” outraged” and decided on the spot to sponsor a new law prohibiting street people from being street people.

Question to gavin: You just noticed they were there?

Of course someone sent him there because this was cooked up to play well in the rural less educated counties he needs in his run for lieutenant governor.

I’m tough on crime!

Sure you are, Gavin.

I don’t know what’s funnier, this transparent attempt tp pander, or one of the local reporters for the remaining

online/print newspaper treating the story as a real news item.

This reporter, who lives in a boring, bland suburb, seems to specialize in stories about how dirty, filthy, and dangerous the city is.

I cant tell if he is dense, or if this is just a posture he knows will sell to a certain crowd.

Anyhow, every night, thousands of young people rush into my city to hang out in the dirtiest neighborhoods.

In fact, i suggest that is the main point.

People in the suburbs crave some reality.

And grit is what gives a city some texture and flavor.

And perhaps we like having the street people around to feel better about ourselves.

We know on the unconsious level that they are kin and we are a few misfortunes away from joining them.

They represent the surrender to decadence.

But not having  joined them ( yet ), energizes us.

The suburban kids with their ordered controlled lives vicariously enjoy watching the trainwreck that results from lack of impulse control at the same time that they are horrified.

And they have the safety net of going home later.