Gotcha Government

The Feds are broke, the state is broke, the county is broke, the city is broke, and i’m broke.

However, unlike me, the local government has taken a hostile turn in it’s search for more money.

I’ve cut back, but the city hasn’t.

15 years ago, they had 18,000 enployess, now they have 26,000.

These folks can’t be fired because they were created for the unions

in exchange for political favors.

So they see you and me as  ATM machines.

The parking ticket thing just keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

If you work for my city, after 5 years, you can retire at 80% percent of your salary.

So the extra people they hired to write more tickets are actually going to cost them more money  then they raise.

But they are just kicking the can down the road for the next politician

because it wont show up for a while.

The latest wrinkle is the new meters they are installing that sense when a car has entered or left a space.

That means when someone leaves and you pull in, the meter resets.

And it wont allow you to add more money after you have stayed more that the alloted time.

Here’s another  example of the mean spirit my city now has;

My friend, who supports 5 people on about $25G a year, is running in to pay his phone bill while his family is waiting in the car outside.

The ticket writer shows up and my friend runs out just in time.

Sorry, i’ll move it he says.

No problem, the ticket writer says.

Two weeks later, the ticket shows up in the mail.

Or you park in a unmetered  space only to find when you return that they have installed a meter and ticketed you!

The tickets are priced just below the threshold where you would take time off from work to complain.

Not that it would do any good.

They no longer accept any excuses and you are only offered options as to how you want to pay.

And they are now  charging $3 just to go pay your ticket in person!

We have been getting lots of tickets lately for chicken poop infractions lately in my neighborhood.

A lot of them are actually being written by uniformed police.

Excuse me, do you think you could concentrate on reducing the killings instead?

Oh, i forgot. You are now revenue generators.

In the next city over, the building inspectors not being satisfied with finding petty things that require extra paid visits, are now instructed to write actual  fines,  for any thing they can find even if it’s unrelated to the permit and it’s original to the house!

Your 125 year old steps are not within 3/8 of an inch with each other, pay up now.

I feel more and more like i’m living in latin america where you have to pay bribes all day.


One Response to “Gotcha Government”

  1. valeriesoe Says:

    they gave out tix this week for parking backwards on our street again.

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