Sit Lie Ordinance

Just wanted to comment again on the ” sit/lie ” ordinance which the major is trying to pass to bolster his political career.

Aside from politics, this is really  about a few block stretch of Haight Street. Yes, that haight street.

It has a number, maybe 25 at a time, of young, drug addled, middle class kids, who didn’t get enough attention at home, so they are demanding it now.

They are being enabled because there is a well established support structure which has been in place from the days when the neighborhood was a mecca for young, drug taking, boomers.

There is a free medical clinic, free food, a plasma center to sell your blood for money,  halfway houses, methadone clinics, rehab centers, medical pot places, a half dozen stores tat sell  nothing but pipes, etc.

And the big one; nobody can seem to get a handle on all the people sleeping for free in the park every night.

If you travel around the developing world, you see limbless beggars with cups in their mouths.

i have a hard time feeling sorry for he kids on haight street.

One of the things i love about gentrification is how people buy a house cheap because a neighborhood is run down, then complain about the less wealthy.

After they kick out the poorer people, their property values go up. They then like to congratulate themselves for their “hard work” at “cleaning up” the hood and for their foresight at buying in “early”.

The reason the young people flooded into the haight 45 years ago, was because it had become an african american neighborhood, and that caused the rents to drop.

Since then, african americans have been all but pushed out of the city.

But getting back to the ordiance….

I think there are already enough laws on the books. Adding more just encourages selective enforcement.

If all the streets had a five mile per hour speed limit, but we were told not to worry, we never enforce it,

The law would still be there if they wanted to pull you over and ticket you.


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