Market Street Is Run Down

Perhaps the problem is that it’s not run down ENOUGH.

If it falls down further, artists and entrepreneurs will reenergize the area.

Think small.

Big developments and big planning fail because they are not nimble and agile

enough to respond to changes.

Efforts  to create a ” district” or ” zone”  look contrived and forced.

Culture doesn’t happen from the top down, imo.
Culture seeks a vacuum.
I think local government should restrict itself to small nudges here and there.
But then, the planners here seem to be in reactive mode and just want  the devolpers to present them
with something they can stamp.
Bike racks-check.
Plant trees-check.
Hasty meeting with the community-check
Allowance for ” art”-check
Design that’s bland enough to not offend- check.
Another challenge is scale. Market is just so wide.
Im not a big fan of the efforts to punish  people for driving, but if any area is
A candidate to go car-less, market is it.
Unlike the recent effort to turn popular Valencia st. in the mission into walnut creek.

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