Gavin Newsom is Hiding

in his little hidey hole.

His handlers must have told him to say NOTHING until the election so as not to blow up the plan to slide backwards into the lamest job in politics;  Lt. Gov.

Today they announced the ruling on the prop. 8 marriage case, and there was a big  public celebration and news conferences.

A lot of high profile politicians who are running for office weighed in with comments, mostly favorable.

Mr. Gay Marriage Mayor was nowhere to be seen.

In a rare public appearance, he did  briefly slink over to sign the Lennar Corp. Land Grab Hunters Point Giveaway Document without making any statement.

Oh wait, i forgot; Lennar lays awake at night worrying about the folks in HP and wanted to help them out.

3 more months to go , Gavin.

Don’t worry, we will just slide the food under the door.


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