I Love Burning Man

Because for one week a year i can park  a bit easier around town.

And there are a few less of the boring, pretentious, middle class folks  around.

Disclaimer: i have friends who go.

What it suggests to me is that many folks have lives devoid of purpose and passion.

For one week, and the yearlong associated events, they can project meaning and

pretend to be creative.

Question: why are so many  middle class folks convinced they are ” creative”?

There is also a lot of utopian community  talk which somehow doesn’t include poor people.

You wont be seeing a lot of immigrants there. They are too busy working to feed their family.

Maybe some of these ” burners’   just need to get out more.

The physical setting is pretty amazing,  probably  even more so if you  usually inhabit a cubicle world.

Hint; You can go there the other 51 weeks during the year and camp.


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