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Adios Gavin Newsom

November 6, 2010

Hey, he actually managed to beat the other guy in a race involving not appearing in public during the campaign.
Weird way to run for office.
Kind of the opposite approach that Meg Whiteman took.
I’m glad to see him go, but I hope he doesn’t think this is somehow validation for his “ideas”.
I’m glad I don’t have to hear the fake gravel voice he affected the last year or so to try and make him sound more substantial.
Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.


Fear The Weird

November 6, 2010

Really enjoyed the SF Giants improbable run through the playoffs to become the world champions this year.

And not just me, apparently.

At the post series rally, an estimated one million folks turned out for the parade and ceremony.

The fans really connected with this group of oddballs. The team featured a hitter who wore a women’s thong underwear

Underneath his uniform for luck and a relief pitcher with a mohawk and shoe polish dyed ‘rally beard”.

Several of the other players grew beards, also.

The topper was one of the players  calling himself ‘ the machine” wearing a bondage leather mask and underwear and parading in the background during tv interviews.

Can’t see that flying in Texas.

In fact the difference between the two world cities cities was very much in evidence.  One team and it’s fans were fun loving and the other repressed.

In the endless  TV shots of the Rangers owner, Nolan Ryan. He looked like he swallowed a gopher.

I’m sure it ground his gears to watch the long haired, pot smoking,  F bomb dropping, Hapa kid with the slight frame and unorthodox delivery shut down his sluggers.

Kind of fitting his name is The Freak.

The inspiration for the ” fear the beard” slogan, Brian Wilson, made an appearance on Leno along with The Machine.

He apparently was so popular, that there is a huge write in campaign to have him host Saturday Night Live.

The whole team should be enjoying their 15 minutes as ” Americas Guest” .

Generally speaking, i have found the closer you get to pro athletes, the less likable they are.

After all, they are savants that have been rewarded their whole life for doing one thing well.

it’s  unrealistic to expect them to have any other interests or to be able to speak well.

That’s why i’m always taken aback when someone like Wilson opens his mouth and actually says something smart and funny.

Also a  big nod here to the series MVP Edgar Rentaria, for his work as a baseball ambassador in Colombia, spending

his own money and lots of time helping the kids.

I dont get all my self esteem from watching millionaire players play for billionaire owners, but it was nice to see all

the collective love expressed at the rally.

The usual context for big  public gatherings around here is something negative, like protests.

For one day, even if it didn’t really mean anything, people were happy.