More On Puppy Day

Apparently I stepped in it with my recent Puppy Day post.

Reading about puppy day in my local paper online, i was struck by  comments like this:

“I got up today, and my son Farfel was asleep on his bed, at the foot of my bed, and he looked up at me and smiled and wagged his tail…. I spent the next five minutes hugging and whispering to him !! THAT made today a GREAT day !!!”

When i suggested that perhaps people were PROJECTING i was called a douchbag, etc.

Dogs are like the third rail of american culture.

that’s why i blog incognito. Or, in my country; blognito

There was a car  accident a while ago where an entire family died except one of the children survived with serious injuries.

the dog was also injured.

A huge number of people  instantly sent in a giant pile of  money to help care for the dog.

Not a cent of money or concern for the human child.

Am i the only one here who thinks American’s increasing preference for dogs over replicating and evolving our own dna is just a little weird?

Maybe someday we will look back at dogs, who resemble human children with their  large heads and pinched together facial features as brood parasites.


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