The Worriers


Nothing suggests the expression ” first world problem” for me like walking through whole foods.

Man, Gentry sure is scared.

There are dangers lurking everywhere.

How many of you wake up thinking ” I sure feel oxidized today”?

Don’t worry, there are rows of containers here containing ” anti oxidants”.

Every year they discover new ones!

One year it’s cranberries, so let’s stuff them into everything. Next year it’s on to blueberries, small red beans, prunes, pomegranites, and so on.

After some study noticed that coconuts have good nutritional properties, loads of products showed up with coconut juice.

You could just eat a coconut, but thats  just not efficient enough for some people.

And how many of you lay awake at night thinking ” I need more biotics”?

You can avoid that by selecting from stacks of bottles containing “probiotics”?

Other potential death traps include gluten, wheat, salt, meat, soy, corn,  hormones, pesticides, lactose, and all number of things that cause allergies.

Apparently, many here are also concerened with their brains, as there are many products here that address various brain deficiencies.

They are often named after whatever you are worried about like ” virilty” “concentration” ‘flexability”

Also enjoy all the products that use the word “guilt free” on the packaging.  I suspect people in guatemala don’t spend a lot of time feeling guilty  about any kind of food they can mamage to  find.

How do people in other parts of the world even  survive long enough to reproduce so that our species can continue?

Fortunately, one subset, wealthy neurotics, are taking action.


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