I Hate Books

Just Kidding.

Love books, love the user interface,the tactile thing, even the smell.

But just don’t give me any more  books, please.

I’m done.

They take up space. Lots of space.

i dont believe in keeping them as  trophys.

I just read a book once,  what with all the others out there i don’t have time for.

And after you have read them, they have no value.

Yesterday i took a big pile of very cool books around to 3 bookstores in my highly literate city.

Nobody would give me a penny for a single one of them.

I did get a free book for answering a trivia question, however.

Great. Now i’ll have to throw that one away, also.

Actually, i just took them to a  thrift store where they will sit for an eternity.

Sorry to all the bookstore owners, publishers, editors, illustrators, and authors, but it’s off the the library for me.

I realize i’m not like other americans, but i don’t feel the need to “own” movies or sound recordings either.

I used to make an exception for reference books, but now i can just look it up on the phone.

Even  cookbooks seem outdated when you can look up thousands of recipies in an instant.

And phonebooks? Anybody old enough to remember those?

Yes, you really can cut down on paper, which is a good thing.


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