Is Nothing Sacred?


That’s pretty much how I see it.

I know we are supposed to respect people’s “beliefs,” but why are they “sacred”?

A “belief” in this context is wanting something preposterous to be true in the absence of evidence.

And you are not allowed to question or you are ‘ attacking” their “beliefs”.

I try to be respectful, partly because it doesn’t  cost anything and partly out of self preservation, but I just can’t take someone seriously when they go all  dogma speak.

I mean they actually take these ancient scribbles as infallible user guides?

And I love how people tie themselves in knots to reconcile all the irrational contradictions.

Look,  it’s either “the word of god” and it’s all perfect, or it’s not.

Because if ONE THING in there is incorrect, then it’s ALL open to debate.

And once you go there, it all falls apart.

So many parents i’ve met have felt compelled to start their kids on a religious indoctrination because they have to “belong” to “something”.  You can’t just have them grow up in a “vacuum” can you?

In my mind, this is child abuse.

Kids trust their parents and caregivers and have no filters. They have no critical thinking skills and take everything at face value. You can’t just  fill their impressionable brains with propaganda.

i know how powerful this phenomenon is  because i have branded my kids with a love of the local sports teams and a hate of the traditional rivals. : )



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