The Whitest Movie Ever

The Retrievers.  2001

Over the years, i have had to take one for the team and sit through a lot of kid movies.

Don’t tell anyone, but i actually like some of them.

Kid movies have gotten a lot better in general.

However, there is a whole category of movies like this one, that is just full of the most annoying characters, situations, and dialog.

What makes it worse, is my youngest has the annoying habit of checking these movies out from the library, then watching them 30 times in a week. Ouch!

I’m not going to go into it, not because i might spoil it for you, but because i feel ill when i think about it.

Ok, let’s just say that it features a spoiled middle class white family and their struggles around their fluffy golden retriever dogs.

In other news, 60% of the worlds population lives an entire family in a ten by ten room with no running water and their entire day is spent in a fruitless search for calories.

UPDATE: A challenger has arrived.

Santa Paws 2

i realize i am not the target demographic for this movie, but still.

Truly awful.


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